Coordinating for Cohesion in the Public Sector of the Future

WP6: NPM and social cohesion

New public management and emerging trends and effects on policy cohesion and social cohesion


  • To combine the evidence and insights from WP 1, 3, 4, about the effects of NPM-style reforms and beyond social cohesion
  • To explore the findings from WPs 1-5 with representatives of governmental, non-governmental and organizations and other relevant stakeholder groups, testing alternative interpretations and explanations of the effects of NPM on social cohesion
  • To predict the likely effects of innovative coordination practices as identified in WP 5
  • To formulate policy recommendations

Work description

WP 6 will integrate findings from the preceding work packages as they relate to social cohesion. It will use material from four work packages that have studied the impact of NPM-style reforms.
WP6 will furthermore be supplemented by a series of semi-structured interviews assessing the operation of the mechanisms associated with the relationship between NPM-style reforms and social cohesion.

Work package related output:

Academic publications


Andrews, R. (forthcoming). Coordinating for Cohesion: The Contribution of Public Management to the Cohesiveness of Society. Public Performance & Management Review.

Andrews, R., Downe, J. & Guarneros-Meza, V. (forthcoming). Contracting for Cohesion: Do Local Area Agreements Make A Difference. Policy & Politicsopen-access-version

Andrews, R., Jilke, S. & Van de Walle, S. (forthcoming): Economic Strain and Perceptions of Social Cohesion in Europe: Does Institutional Trust Matter? European Journal of Political Research, in press. open-access-version


Andrews, R. (2011). Religious Communities, Immigration and Social Cohesion in Rural Areas: Evidence from EnglandRural Sociology, 76(4): 535-561. open-access-version

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Further academic publications can be accessed here.

COCOPS research reports, working papers and policy briefs

 The impact of public sector reform in Europe on social cohesion, COCOPS Policy Brief 6 (2014, Rhys Andrews, Sebastian Jilke and Steven Van de Walle).

Public management reforms and emerging trends and effects on social cohesion in Europe, COCOPS Research Report (2013, R. Andrews, J. Downe, V. Guarneros-Meza, S. Jilke & S. Van de Walle)

The Impact of New Public Management on Efficiency: An Analysis of Madrids Hospitals, COCOPS Working Paper No. 12 (2013, Jose M. Alonso, Judith Clifton & Daniel Diaz-Fuentes).

New Public Management and Citizens’ Perceptions of Local Service Efficiency, Responsiveness, Equity and Effectiveness, COCOPS Working Paper No. 7 (2012, Andrews, R. & Van de Walle, S.).

Work package leader:

Rhyss Andrews
Cardiff University
Centre for Local and Regional Government Research
United Kingdom

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