Coordinating for Cohesion in the Public Sector of the Future

WP1: NPM meta-analysis

Meta-analysis of the impact of NPM on efficiency, effectiveness, quality and social cohesion

COCOPS Database for studies of NPM reforms in Europe

This database was compiled by the COCOPS team and contains approx. 520 documents studying impacts of NPM reforms in European countries. Click here to consult the database.


  • To collect European government reports and academic studies that evaluate the impact of NPM-style reforms
  • To compile a bibliography of NPM impact studies and reports and facilitate public access to this material
  • To conduct a meta-analysis of these documents and report key findings and trends in a state-of-the-art review
  • Based on the meta-analysis, to identify a list of key topics to feed into the work of the survey design team in WP3

Work description

WP1 is a meta-analysis of evaluations and assessments of NPM-style reforms in all European countries. It collects existing reports, books and articles, will distill state-of-the-art and major trends from it, and gaps in the current research on the impact of NPM reforms will be identified. The focus of the analysis will be on intended and unintended effects of NPM, including the impact on efficiency, savings, public service quality, social cohesion, equity, responsiveness, access, regional cohesion, etc., as well as on the new challenges that have emerged following more than two decades of NPM-style reforms.

Work package related outputs

Acadamic publications


Dan, S. (forthcoming). The New Public Management is not that bad after all: Evidence from Estonia, Hungary and Romania. Transylvanian Review of Administrative Sciencesopen-access-version


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Further academic publications can be accessed here.


COCOPS research reports, working papers and policy briefs

The impacts of the new public management in Europe: A meta-analysis’ COCOPS Research Report, (by Christopher Pollitt and Sorin Dan, 2011)

‘The Impacts of the New Public Management in Europe: A Meta-Analysis’, COCOPS Working Paper No. 3 (by Christopher Pollitt & Sorin Dan, 2011).

‘The Impact of New Public Management (NPM) Reforms in Europe’, COCOPS Policy Brief No. 1, (by Christopher Pollitt and Sorin Dan, 2011).


Work package leader

Christopher Pollitt
K.U. Leuven
Public Management Institute

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