Coordinating for Cohesion in the Public Sector of the Future

Working Paper series

Working Paper No.15
Dion Curry
The crystal ball of public administration reform: What future predictions tell us about the present

Working Paper No.14
Per Lægreid, Åsta D. Nordø & Lise H. Rykkja
The Quality of Coordination in Norwegian Central Government: The importance of coordination arrangements and structural, cultural and demographic factors

Working Paper No.13
Oliver James, Ayako Nakamura
Can shared performance targets help co-ordinate public organisations? Rational control and organisational politics in UK Government cross-cutting Public Service Agreements

Working Paper No.12
Jose M. Alonso, Judith Clifton & Daniel Diaz-Fuentes
The Impact of New Public Management on Efficiency: An Analysis of Madrids Hospitals

Working Paper No.11
Tom Christensen, Per Lægreid & Lise H. Rykkja
Wicked Problems and the Challenge of Transboundary Coordination: The Case of Emergency Preparedness and Crisis Management in Norway

Working Paper No.10
Sebastian Jilke
Choice and Equality – Citizens’ Switching Behaviour in Liberalized Public Service Markets Across the EU

Working Paper No. 9
Anne Lise Filmreite, Tom Christensen & Per Lægreid
Joined-Up-Government: Reform Challenges, Experiences and Accountability Relations

Working Paper No. 8
Steven Van de Walle, Sebastian Jilke
Savings in Public Services after the Crisis: A Multilevel Analysis of Public Preferences in the EU27

Working Paper No. 7
Rhys Andrews, Steven Van de Walle
New Public Management and Citizens’ Perceptions of Local Service Efficiency, Responsiveness, Equity and Effectiveness

Working Paper No. 6
Tom Christensen, Per Lægreid & Lise H. Rykkja
How to cope with a Terrorist Attack? – A Challenge for the Political and Administrative Leadership

Working Paper No. 5
Tom Christensen & Per Lægreid
Welfare Reform and ‘Wicked Issues’ – From Coupling to De-Coupling?

Working Paper No. 4
Jose M. Alonso, Judith Clifton & Daniel Diaz-Fuentes
Did new public management matter? An empirical analysis of the outsourcing and decentralization effects on public sector size

Working Paper No.3
Christopher Pollitt & Sorin Dan
The impacts of the new public management in Europe: A meta analysis

Working Paper No.2
Judith Clifton, Daniel Díaz-Fuentes, Marco Fernández-Gutiérrez & Julio Revuelta
The Brave new world of public infrastructure: Is market-oriented reform producing a ‘two-track’ Europe?

Working Paper No.1
Steven Van de Walle & Gerhard Hammerschmid
Coordinating for Cohesion in the Public Sector of the Future: COCOPS Project Background Paper


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