Coordinating for Cohesion in the Public Sector of the Future


Here you can access the latest events related to activities of the COCOPS project.  (Please click on the events in order to get further information)


Upcoming Events

4 February 2014, The Hague | Conference: Budget cuts in an international perspective

16 May 2014, BerlinSymposium on Strategies of deficit reduction in the German federal states and in international comparison

10-11 June 2014, Leuven | Final COCOPS conference


Past Events

9 December 2013, Brussels | COCOPS high-level policy-makers conference: Challenges in coordinating and governing public services in times of crisis and reform. International lessons and policy recommendations by COCOPS

11-13 September 2013, Edinburgh | EGPA Study Group on the Governance of Public Sector Organisations: Compounded government organization, coordination and accountability in the face of the global societal challenges

07-09 September 2013, Bordeaux | ECPR General conference, (1): The Impact of the Fiscal Crisis on Governmental Decision-Making; (2): Budgetary Responses to the Fiscal Crisis: Changes in Budgeting Practices and Institutions

27 June 2013, Rome | COCOPS dissemination event at the Ministry of Public Affairs

26-28 June 2013 Milan | EHMA (European Health Management Association) annual conference

03-04 May 2013, Tallinn | HKAC conference 2013 Impact of the Fiscal Crisis on Public Administration

10-12 April 2013, Prague | IRSPM conference, Panel32: The Effects of Public Management Reforms from an International Comparative Perspective; Panel4: The Governance of ‘Wicked Problems’: Emerging Coordination Practices in Public Administration

5-8 September 2012, Bergen |  EGPA Study Group on the Governance of Public Sector Organisations:  “Reforms, accountability and cross-cutting coordinative arrangements

9 July, Berlin | Joint Hertie School of Governance and COCOPS Workshop: The Fiscal Compact, Debt Brakes, and Balanced Budget Rules in Europe

3-4 July 2012, Bremen | ECPR graduate conference panel: “Public Sector Reform: Origins, Causes, and (Un)intended Consequences”

10-15 April 2012, Antwerp  |  ECPR joint sessions workshop: “Citizens and Public Service Performance: Demands, Responses and Changing Service Delivery Mechanisms

11-13 April 2012, Rome  |  IRSPM conference panel: “The impact of fiscal crisis on public management and governance

02-03 February 2012, Budapest  |  Trans-European Dialogue 5: “The politics of agency governance”

09 September 2011, Bucharest  |  COCOPS Poject Management Board meeting

29 June 2011, Berlin  |  EMPM Closing Seminar

22 March 2011, Rotterdam  |  CPSI Conference: “Transforming Public Services”

25-26 Januar 2011, Berlin  |  COCOPS kick-off meeting


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