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ECPR CfP: financial crisis



At the ECPR general conference in Bordeaux (4-7 September 2013), two COCOPS related panels will be orgnised:

The Impact of the Fiscal Crisis on Governmental Decision-Making;
The main academic interest of the panel is to investigate 1) how governments respond to the fiscal crisis, and 2) what impact the crisis has had on governmental decision-making and public administration. Fiscal crisis will be treated as an independent variable providing explanation to the possible changes in systems of governance. The focus is not on explaining the crisis per se but providing insight on the effects that the crisis brought along.

Budgetary Responses to the Fiscal Crisis: Changes in Budgeting Practices and Institutions.
This panel focuses on the changes in budgeting practices and institutions that have taken place in response to the fiscal crisis in 2009-2012. The main aim of the panel is to examine whether the increasing scarcity of budgetary resources and the need to adopt austerity measures have led to shifts in budget procedures of central governments (i.e. in the ways which the public budgets are prepared, adopted and implemented).

The full Calls for Papers can be downloaded here.

Paper proposals are due by 1 February.


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