Coordinating for Cohesion in the Public Sector of the Future

PhD prize for Marcos Fernandez

Research produced towards the reading of the PhD by Marcos Fernandez at the UNICAN entitled “Contributions to the analysis and evaluation of public infrastructure services in the European Union from the perspective of citizens as consumers” has won the University of Cantabria Social Council’s Annual Prize for the best thesis in the field of Social Sciences in 2011. Students across different disciplinary backgrounds including Business studies, Economic, Law, Labour Relations…. compete annually for this prize.

The thesis was written by Prof. Marcos Fernández-Gutiérrez and directed by Prof. Daniel Díaz-Fuentes. The thesis deals with the analysis of public services reform and regulation in the European Union, using an innovative approach based on the analysis of citizens revealed and stated preferences as consumers. Both academics and their research work takes part of the COCOPS FP7 Research Project. In the near future, Fernández-Gutiérrez and Díaz-Fuentes, in cooperation with the rest of academics participating in the COCOPS project, are developing further advances on the topic.

The Social Council is a institution representing the institutions and social agents and the relations of the University with them, including policy makers and representatives of munipalities, enterprises and unions. Its Annual Prize to the best thesis are very prestigious and representative of the interest of the social community on the best research works produced in the University in terms of research quality, social utility and transfer of knowledge to the society.

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