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Symposium: Effects of the debt brake

Symposium on Strategies of deficit reduction in the German federal states and in international comparison

16th May 2014
Hertie School of Governance, Berlin

The Fiscal Governance Centre at the Hertie School of Governance together with Prof. Dr. Jobst Fiedler are organizing a Symposium exploring the effects of the debt brake and strategies of deficit reduction in the German federal states, as well as across Europe. The discussions will place a special emphasis on current transformations in the area of fiscal governance, in particular in the budget processes, and on their impacts on deficit reduction strategies. Among the participants to the panel discussions are: State Secretary Werner Gatzer, Federal Ministry of Finance; Peter-Jürgen Schneider, Finance Minister in Lower Saxony; Thomas Losse -Müller, State Secretary, Ministry of Finance in Schleswig–Holstein; Dr. Margaretha Sudhof, State Secretary Department of Finance, Berlin Senate.

As part of the Symposium, Prof. Gerhard Hammerschmid will introduce results from the COCOPS project regarding the effects of the fiscal crisis on public administrations across Europe.

You can find the full program and further information about the event here.

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