Coordinating for Cohesion in the Public Sector of the Future

New Paper: Wicked Problems and Coordination

COCOPS Working Paper Number 11 ‘Wicked Problems and the Challenge of Transboundary Coordination: The Case of Emergancy Preparadness and Crisis Management in Norway’ by Tom Christensen, PerLægreid, and Lise H. Rykkja is now available.

The working paper addresses organization for internal security, which is a typical ‘wicked problem’.The focus is on the organization for emergency preparedness and crisis management related to the terrorist attack in Norway in 2011. The mainattention is on the coordination role of theMinistry of Justice. A special focus is on the constraints for external horizontal coordinationfor an overarching ministry in a governmental apparatus with strong line ministries. What coordination problems were identified? Did the crisis lead to institutional changes, and if so,what characterized the change process and the outcome(s)?

It can be downloaded here


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